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On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 11:49 AM, alex stone <compose59 at gmail.com> wrote:

> We had this discussion a while ago about the lack of rt kernel in Intrepid.
> There were varying views, but a very general consensus seemd to reach a
> conclusion of "If it ain't broke..." Sticking with Hardy, as tempting as new
> packages may seem, was a shared view among a decent percentage of views. But
> we had plenty of warning, and a decent explanation on why. Cory also
> expressed a real view of the state at the time, and didn't try to lead us
> into uncertain territory with any speculation
> Taking a step back here, and trying to view the wider picture, we already
> have a highly useable distro version in Hardy, and if you're inclined, in
> Gutsy

I totally agree with you. But still, there will come a point when Hardy is
just 'too old' to use (you have the right to disagree). Which is why I was
wondering when we'll be able to upgrade.

[I know that I could upgrade now if i wanted to compile a kernel, and spend
a month debugging it]

> (Which proved to highly stable a worked a treat.. We know the state of
> Intrepid, and why, and also understand that Jaunty may also offer challenges
> as well, with all of us waiting for news on the vanilla kernel state.
> Cory also explained that the jump in Ubuntu RT preparation between Hardy
> (2.6.24.xxx) and a 'new' RT kernel would be a lot more work than usual due
> to new features, and rebuilding added to any new kernel (I don't pretend to
> understand what they are, or why it's so different, i'm taking Cory's words
> here, and he's been honest with us in the past), and would occupy a
> formidable amount of time for the Ubuntu RT kernel dev, who does this for
> us, for free, as in decent cognac. (or beer, if that's your particular
> imbibable refreshment)
> I'm as keen as anyone else to enjoy the new features being added to the
> apps i use as much as any of you, and have enjoyed testing them in
> anticipation of a future UBStudio that returns to an RT configuration we
> know, and enjoy using.
> But i'm ever mindful, and appreciative, of the considerable work that goes
> into a project like UBStudio, from fellow human beings who apply their
> considerable skills for OUR benefit.

Agreed. Many thanks to all the UStudio Team!

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