ppa with backported packages for hardy and intrepid

Khashayar Naderehvandi khashayar.lists at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 17:38:50 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I've been trying to do two things in one: Learn a bit about
debian/ubuntu packaging + creating a ppa with up-to-date versions of
some of the applications that I would use myself, that is music
production applications, for hardy and intrepid.

The packages in my ppa are completely untested (this cannot be
stressed enough, I haven't even tested all of them myself), and they
are my first attempts ever of (re)packaging.

Now, my question is: Is there any interest in an archive like this? If
yes, would it be a good idea to start a team for backporting packages?
Is anyone interested in working on this?

Right now, the ppa holds, e.g:
* ardour 2.7
* audacity 1.3.6
* hydrogen 0.9.4beta2
* ffado 2.0-rc1
* jack 0.116.1
* kernel 2.6.24 for intrepid 64-bit

My idea is to keep to latest upstream versions of packages and avoid
experimental versions. The reason hydrogen 0.9.4-beta2 is there, is
because 0.9.3 never worked with jack+ffado for me, and the reason
ffado is there, is because jack+freebob never worked with my audio

Personally, I think there should be a semi-official archive that
allows ubuntustudio users to upgrade to the latest and greatest
without leaving their distribution, be it hardy or intrepid. To me,
this became obvious when I realized I couldn't upgrade to intrepid due
to the realtime kernel problems. I really wanted a new version of
ardour, and hydrogen wouldn't work for me, and so on, so I ended up
compiling everything I needed locally, but if I'm doing it, there
might be others doing it as well, and some who don't know how to do
it. So why not sharing, eh?


(PS, I know I haven't included a link to the ppa. That's because all
packages aren't built yet, and I want to know what people think first.
Also, I have to come up with a way to REALLY STRESS that the packages
are completely untested :-))

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