Dssi-Vst and Ubuntu Studio

teza tsaliou75 at orange.fr
Wed Dec 9 12:08:45 GMT 2009

Hi, Sandie thanks a lot the .deb for dssi-vst, just installed it on
Karmic without any troubles. Yes I agree it should be part of Ubuntu
studio. I had a talk with a friend about making a gui for dssi-vst to
run vst, I think it would be handy.

Le mardi 08 décembre 2009 à 19:08 +0100, sandie a écrit :
> teza wrote:
> > Hi all, I was wondering about the fact that we can find somme free vst
> > plugins on the web, why the UbuntuStudio tean does not include dssi-vst
> > package in the Os as a standard.
> > Regards
> > Teza
> >
> >
> >   
> I found a .deb version somewhere on the web (sorry, but I don't remember 
> where), I placed it on my server if you are interested :
> http://sandgreen.dk/stuff/dssi-vst.deb.tar.bz2
> But yes... it would be cool to have default in UbuStu :-)
> Brian David wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > I don't have an answer for your specific question, Teza, but I am 
> > wondering:  are there actually a lot of people on this list using VSTs 
> > with Linux?  Because I was under the impression that this was very 
> > hard to do, and did not work well even in the best of cases.
> > -- 
> > -Brian David
> I use them a lot.
> ZynAddSubFx and Bristol are both on my favorite list of 
> synths/v-inst/fx, but unfortunaly the list is kind'a small if you 
> exclude Win-VST.
> I havent had any serious problems using them with dssi-vst, but I havent 
> tested extensively and only one at a time, like "XLN addictive drums" 
> for when I practice my e-drums or "VoxengoBoogex" for guitar.
> I have removed Pulse, but other than that, I just run them with "vsthost 
> /_path_to_/vsti.dll" and most of them work, If I'm composing/editing I 
> just load them in my host (XT2) but I like the idea of just clicking on 
> the "drums" icon on my desktop and play without having to start my host 
> and load/setup the instrument first.
> Sandie

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