Dssi-Vst and Ubuntu Studio

sandie sandie at sandgreen.dk
Wed Dec 9 12:51:05 GMT 2009

teza wrote:
> Hi, Sandie thanks a lot the .deb for dssi-vst, just installed it on
> Karmic without any troubles. Yes I agree it should be part of Ubuntu
> studio. I had a talk with a friend about making a gui for dssi-vst to
> run vst, I think it would be handy.
> Regards
> Teza
Cool idea... I'm always looking for small projects to fiddle with in Python.

I wich I had more expirience programming thou, cause I would love to 
understand how LMMS's Vestige module works, but as it is painfully 
obviuos from the small projects on my site, I'm affraid it's a little 
out of my league :-)
But a Python-frontend to dssi-vst should be fairly simple to make, and 
I'll have a go at it this weekend, and would ofcourse love to have a 
peek at what your friend comes up with.


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