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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Sun Dec 6 22:21:25 GMT 2009

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Heiko Kokemoor schrieb:
>> "Let your creativity fly..." in big bold letters. Later it
>> says: "It's easy. Just...". And below that it lists: "Audio, Graphics,
>> Video".
>> Software development, system level tweaking, and learning Linux are
>> mentioned NO WHERE.
>> <devils advocate mode off>
>> "General knowledge of Linux system admin, software development,
>> understanding of xwindows, and other geeky stuff may be required before
>> successful creativity in audio, graphics, or video can be achieved." 
>> Couldn't find it.

"Linux is different, you have a chance here to explore new worlds. Take
your 2h time to learn the basics, start using it and find out more every
day about new and innovative concepts in a system that respects the
intelligence of its users - you`ll like it!"

> To my mind you pointed out the most importand point, not only for Ubuntu
> Studio, but for many products, no matter if open or closed source.
> It's plain marketing, a lie.

Sad but true.

> But if we advertise a product as "easy and so on", then we only copy
> closed source marketing. And perhaps it has to be the question, if this
> is the right way.

Absolutey not the right way but a dead end.
 If the only differece is, that you cannot run Abelton, ProTools and
InDesign on it, then Linux would really be obsolete. It is different and
it should emphasize that in its marketing:

"You have the chance to *learn* new things and use them as a respected
person in a social network, that has its own culture.
Take it or leave it"

> Does opens source the marketing-lies of closed source?

Free systems can and should get marketing but such marketing *must*
avoid lies. 9 out of 10 people are sick and tired of the lies of Apple,
MS, Adobe - you name it. If they come to the GNU-world for relief they
may not even like the complete truth about the system, that runs on
their computer then. But truth is all we have to give and if we give in
to corruption, we are the same as disgusting as the others.

> Even for Windows it's a lie, because this product as well can be very
> fu..... tricky.
 Everybody knows or will learn about that before long. So giving the
user the chance to know the difficulties, he/she will have to master in
Linux right from the start will hurt nobody...

best regs

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