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Well about this discussion, iI think ?I am a little bit guilty.

Well resuming the info and ideas. The impression that I get from this
discussion is that UbuntuStudio is not a easy to use operative system.
Ubuntu studio doesn't go to the majority of the needs of the most of the
people that needs to work with "art".
Because most of the people using linux is geek and doesn't care with the
others needs. Also I read that we should look at the MACintosh to see how it
works, because everyone in the industry use it for years, and it is solid

Well This is a little bit disturbing indeed, because, normally there are
very few inputs to the DEV team. very few ideas and test cases etc. But i
see a lot of people complaining. And this nobody can deny. Peple come and
just complain, instead of describing the error or the feature etc.

About the Kernel, well, Ubuntu has some differences with the debian Kernel.
for instance, I can use restricted modules on the ubuntu Kernel, really
easy, in others systems is not so easy.

So instead of flaming the linux geeks about the suposed "easy of use" and
the features needed I propose to make a list of ideas and features to bring
to Ubuntustudio.

The objective of this list is for PROFESSIONAL AUDIO/VIDEO/GRAPHICS SYSTEM,
not for a desktup use for day to day.

SO I start with some ideas.

- Embed the Realtime configurations from the root up. No especial config for
doing it. If it is pro, all the pros need RT KERNEL.
- Interface to configure the priorities and memory limits with GUI
- Make a package out of the UBUNTU universe, that will install FST
(VST/wine) with easy, Cant be official, because the vst sdk is not
opensource and there are distribution issues (once more, not linux or DEVs
fault, but instead Closed software developers fault)
-A UbuntuStudio wiki where user can add easily tutorials, test cases, config
tips, hardware tips, etc. Don't need to be a "geek" to help FLOSS. Just need
to WANT to help insted of complain. Be more assertive and less negative. be

So I hope people start to colaborate to make this OS the best suited to do
A/V/G work in Linux, But for that we need the help of all the users. even
the non geek ones.

As a note, I am not of the DEV team. But if we help them, they will help us.
Think in this and give your opinion.

2009/12/6 mac <suemac at empire.net>

> On Sat, 2009-12-05 at 18:48 -0600, Lindsay Haisley wrote:
> > <snip>
> > I pretty much agree with this in general.  The "appropriate response"
> > that I mean is an answer to the charge, voiced usually by people who
> > don't understand F/OSS, which goes something like "If Linux people want
> > to get more market share.... etc., etc."  Linux isn't about market
> > share.  Generally, F/OSS progresses by virtue of effort in a gift
> > economy, and developers rightly don't care about market share.  So your
> > point is well taken in that the appropriate answer to "this software
> > should ...." is "then jump in and make it ....".
> >
> > On the other hand, for people who are looking for a tool to do a job,
> > and are not programmers, and are not satisfied with a F/OSS A/V package,
> > getting involved with development may not be a realistic option, and for
> > them "go buy Pro Tools" is not flippant, but very possibly good advice.
> > It's not the responsibility of F/OSS developers to program according to
> > the specs dictated or required by users.  Those who do get caught up in
> > development are often involved in what all too often is a perpetual Work
> > in Progress, which is one of the pitfalls of F/OSS development.  Some
> > projects, which are well managed, are usable and mature, even in
> > unstable or SVN versions (I work on the Bluefish HTML editor, which is
> > one such project thanks to Olivier Sessink's capable leadership).
> > Others have a perpetually unfinished feel, even in stable versions.
> > ALSA was a wasteland of arcane data structures, bad or absent
> > documentation, bugs, incompatibilities and other gremlins for years.  It
> > seems to be a bit better these days, but it took a _long_ time.
> Let me state for the record, I'm not flaming anyone or anything. So, let
> me play devils advocate for a bit:
> To paraphrase a lot of this thread: "F/OSS is for software geeks and
> tinkers, so if you want to do creative work, that does not involve
> learning or creating software, then go buy ***software application for
> whatever creative art you choose*** (i.e. protools, photoshop, Adobe
> studio, etc.)"
> With this in mind, let's pop over to a home page, for just about any
> major app under Ubuntu, for exampl let's choose Ubuntu Studio. The page
> announces: "Let your creativity fly..." in big bold letters. Later it
> says: "It's easy. Just...". And below that it lists: "Audio, Graphics,
> Video".
> Software development, system level tweaking, and learning Linux are
> mentioned NO WHERE.
> <devils advocate mode off>
> Now I searched for the lawyer speak, in small print where it says:
> "General knowledge of Linux system admin, software development,
> understanding of xwindows, and other geeky stuff may be required before
> successful creativity in audio, graphics, or video can be achieved."
> Couldn't find it.
> Maybe this clause should be there...isn't that what's being implied by
> this thread?
> Basically, what's said over and over in countless forums is: if you just
> want to use F/OSS because you believe it's a better way (i.e. because of
> the philosophy) and you can't, for whatever reason, help make it
> better(i.e. jump in and write code, fix bugs, write documentation,
> etc.), leave us alone. And certainly don't point out bugs or
> deficiencies.
> Side Note: there is a reason software companies have QA departments that
> don't write code and all they do is point out bugs and deficiencies. I
> kinda see the user base of any F/OSS app as being this department.
> I guess my point is: if this stuff is only for people who have skills
> and/or plenty of spare time to help in other ways, then state that up
> front and scare all the other folks away immediately and don't waste
> their time.
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