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Sun Dec 6 16:39:13 GMT 2009

Frankly after 50 years of pushing to have tools that work, I find what you
people say tough to bring together and ...  After all we come together here
to achieve a more perfect OS and deal with a wide number of ?s Could we all
benefit from using a Ubuntu Forum approach & let by gones be bygones?

On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 10:20 AM, Heiko Kokemoor <
getting.lists at googlemail.com> wrote:

> > "Let your creativity fly..." in big bold letters. Later it
> > says: "It's easy. Just...". And below that it lists: "Audio, Graphics,
> > Video".
> >
> > Software development, system level tweaking, and learning Linux are
> > mentioned NO WHERE.
> >
> > <devils advocate mode off>
> > "General knowledge of Linux system admin, software development,
> > understanding of xwindows, and other geeky stuff may be required before
> > successful creativity in audio, graphics, or video can be achieved."
> >
> > Couldn't find it.
> To my mind you pointed out the most importand point, not only for Ubuntu
> Studio, but for many products, no matter if open or closed source.
> It's plain marketing, a lie.
> Even if you are a dedicated open source fan, normaly you don't think
> about the way of marketing.
> But if we advertise a product as "easy and so on", then we only copy
> closed source marketing. And perhaps it has to be the question, if this
> is the right way.
> Does opens source the marketing-lies of closed source?
> Even for Windows it's a lie, because this product as well can be very
> fu..... tricky.
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