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>> It's even put me in mind of setting up a separate Linux box just for
>> audio (and possibly AV) work.  Gentoo Linux has a sub-distribution
>> explicitly designed for AV work.  Ardour has been moved to this package
>> class and isn't even available for the Linux I use on my desktop system.
Oh and, if you format your gentoo partition, don't do a left resize with
gparted, it will take forever (without progress feedback) and if you cancel
it it will corrupt both partitions. If you got Gentoo by choice (who does?),
sorry.. I've thought about learning gentoo just as a learning experience,
but in a sun virtualbox.  I wonder if there is plans to turn jack into a
kernel module.

Also google "dell financial services" you will find the place to buy that
Dell dimension 9150.  The case alone is worth 280 dollars.. A massive latch
to open the case, and a latch to remove cards, sata, 2.8Ghz Pentium D.. It's
what I do most all my tutorials on.. I demo'd Flatout 2 (game) on wine,
while recording the video with gtk-record my desktop at 25fps with this
machine. You'll have to change the power supply to get a Nvidia 9800GT.
BTW, you can use blender for basic video work. I have tutorials on that..

Video to explain Ubuntu install process:

Video to explain how to make videos with blender.

You can pratically trace my progress with Ubuntu from the time I began to
install it through my account of 400 hour long youtube videos.. It's also
not for wusses.. I challenge anyone to sit through 400 of my videos.. Like
Ed Wood, I don't believe in editing.
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