Help with M-Audio Delta 66 and ALSA

Kiernan Holland rofthorax at
Sat Aug 15 16:41:57 BST 2009

> It's even put me in mind of setting up a separate Linux box just for
> audio (and possibly AV) work.  Gentoo Linux has a sub-distribution
> explicitly designed for AV work.  Ardour has been moved to this package
> class and isn't even available for the Linux I use on my desktop system.
I'm making a machine just for this, it's also not for wusses either :^)
though it looks simple than swapping out LCD's on a laptop (yes, I've never
put one together)..  Tiger direct is selling refurbished Nvidia i750
motherboards. That's the two slots sli with heat pipes (don't ask me what
they are cooling) and potential to use fast DDR2 (I got some 1066Mhz ram).
You only need about a gig, Ubuntu hardly ever hits the 1 gig limit. And a
650Watt power supply in case you want to get two 9800Gt's, which is about 80
bucks apiece now. Also Tiger Direct is selling some Pentium Extreme Edition
CPU's (Overclockable 3.73 Ghz 64-bit Pentium-D's) for a hundred dollars a
pop. The reason I went on this "build my own system" quest was that I got
the EE for a upgrade of my 2.8Ghz PD, and found out it's incompatible.. So I
made a money losing PC constructing learning experience of it. Incidently
Tiger Direct is also selling a Quad core AMD barebones kit for 177 dollars
now, but you want clock cycles (faster bus bandwidth = less latency). Yess
I've had assembly programming and digital electronics, and I haven't built
my own PC. Dell is also selling Dell Dimension 9150's (I have one, and I
highly recommend it) for 280 dollars (go to dell financial services).


If you separated your home from root partition, you can install ubuntu and
not lose your home accounts.. That's what I do to permit myself to move
between versions of Ubuntu without losing my home account.. If you didn't,
get a second drive, you can use this command to backup your home partition:

tar -cf  - /home  | (cd /the/other/drive ; tar -xf - )

It's better than "cp -r" .

Reformat (into / and /home partitions) with Ubuntu 9.04 and add Ubuntu
Studio (and apt-get install). You can also use "gparted" from the Ubuntu
live disk to resize your partition for gentoo, and install Ubuntu on the new
partition, and copy your account folders over to ubuntu (and erase gentoo,
:^o ). If you have windows, I wonder if Wubi permits you to get a RT kernel
and Ubuntu Studio?
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