Help with M-Audio Delta 66 and ALSA

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Sat Aug 15 16:00:26 BST 2009

On Sat, 2009-08-15 at 07:03 +0000, beejunk at wrote:
> I understand your apprehension at trying to learn a new technology
> when you just want to get something simple done, but in this case I
> absolutely guarantee that if you want to get real audio work done with
> Linux, you are going to HAVE to use JACK. It is not an option. I would
> suggest you learn it now and get it out of the way.

I understand that JACK is a powerful and versatile tool when working
with audio in Linux.  I'm not apprehensive about learning it - it's just
a matter of time.  I use Gentoo Linux on my desktop and on two servers I
run, and no one who is apprehensive about learning new technologies
should _ever_ use Gentoo Linux on a desktop system and expect to get
away with it!  Gentoo Linux ain't for wussies ;-)

I do, however, have priorities on my time, and was looking for a simple
solution to what seemed like a simple problem in pursuit another
objective which was "at the top of the pile", so to speak.  I'll happily
put learning to use JACK on my TODO list for when I have some time to
spend on it.

It's even put me in mind of setting up a separate Linux box just for
audio (and possibly AV) work.  Gentoo Linux has a sub-distribution
explicitly designed for AV work.  Ardour has been moved to this package
class and isn't even available for the Linux I use on my desktop system.

> I would also like to say that this sentence you wrote - "Card has
> input - program needs stream from card's input - hit a switch, make a
> patch, and/or turn up a fader and it should be a done deal" - almost
> exactly describes how JACK works.

I understand and appreciate this.  It looks as if the problem may be as
much with Audacity, from the link which Asmo Koskinen posted to this

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