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> > >Susan Cragin wrote:
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> > It is my understanding that real-time kernels force processes to work  
> simultaneously rather than sequentially, forcing some of them to bypass  
> safety features. I checked this on the net and only found references to  
> 2007 and earlier, so this may have been resolved.
> >
> > In Studio wireless is not automatically enabled (through  
> gnome-network-admin), and I thought this was one of the reasons why,  
> because you have to activate consciously, and only over a secure network.  
> For instance, you would never let your banking information fly over your  
> library or coffee shop wireless.
> >
> > Susan
> >

Hah! I just realized that at least a couple of my e-mails were sent  
directly to peoples' personal e-mail addresses because I was replying in  
the wrong way. I'm so savvy! Sorry about that, Susan (and also at least one  
to Cory, and who knows who else). So, anyway, I'll repost this, the correct  

Hmm, not sure what you're talking about here. My wireless was setup during  
the install process of Ubuntu Studio. I remember thinking that it was cool  
that I just entered the password for my network, and Ubuntu Studio found  
the network (of many in the area) without prompting me for the name. It now  
starts up automatically whenever I boot up. I suppose this does count  
as 'activating consciously', but if by that you mean just enter your  
password, then you always have to do that, even in regular Ubuntu.
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