64Studio & Ubuntu Studio unite (Why not?)

Viktor Mastoridis viktor at mastoridis.co.uk
Mon Apr 13 23:33:44 BST 2009

> The current *stable* 64Studio had this particular problem, which is why
> they switched to Ubuntu.... With 64Studio being Ubuntu based, I expect
> that
> there will be some useful and beneficial cross pollination if not
> outright co-operation with Ubuntu Studio.
> -Gustin Johnson
>   The 64Studio guys and us are much closer than you guys know. ;)
> -Cory K.

If  64Studio is now Ubuntu based, and UBS and 64Studio guys are "closer than
we know" - why not unite?

And make a *killer* & *mean* audio distro using the brains, resources &
communities of both distros?

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