Forging a new path.

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>Hmm... Lot's of stuff to address. 
>Ubuntu Studio is here. It's a reality but needs it's community to be
>less passive to continue. We've built it, you've come, but what's it
>worth to you? What do *you* want Ubuntu Studio to be? Would be a shame
>to see the project that carries the powerful Ubuntu name slip into the
>As I've said, *these* are the very important questions of the moment.
>Hope some of that made sense.


I have read this thread with great interest. I am very impressed that
Ubuntu Studio is what it is with so small a core team. I thank you for your

Please don't take what I'm about to say wrong, it is meant to be
constructive criticism from someone who has been in software development,
hardware development, and yes, even sales & marketing of said "stuff" for
over 30 years.

IMO there is a gap between the scope, focus, and stated goals of Ubuntu

Some background on my point:

Quote from Cory: "...(which I say time and time again Linux audio is not
for the new-to-Linux user...."

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