Forging a new path.

Susan Cragin susancragin at
Mon Apr 13 12:44:21 BST 2009

>Susan Cragin wrote:
>> I'm not sure you should use Ubuntu Studio with a real-time kernel for online banking. I wouldn't. 
>> Susan
>Sorry if this is a stupid question, but why shouldn't I use it for 
>online banking ?

It is my understanding that real-time kernels force processes to work simultaneously rather than sequentially, forcing some of them to bypass safety features. I checked this on the net and only found references to 2007 and earlier, so this may have been resolved. 
In Studio wireless is not automatically enabled (through gnome-network-admin), and I thought this was one of the reasons why, because you have to activate consciously, and only over a secure network. For instance, you would never let your banking information fly over your library or coffee shop wireless. 

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