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Mon Apr 13 13:59:59 BST 2009

suemac at wrote:
>> Hmm... Lot's of stuff to address. 
>> <snip>
>> Ubuntu Studio is here. It's a reality but needs it's community to be
>> less passive to continue. We've built it, you've come, but what's it
>> worth to you? What do *you* want Ubuntu Studio to be? Would be a shame
>> to see the project that carries the powerful Ubuntu name slip into the dark.
>> As I've said, *these* are the very important questions of the moment.
>> Hope some of that made sense.
> Cory,
> I have read this thread with great interest. I am very impressed that
> Ubuntu Studio is what it is with so small a core team. I thank you for your
> efforts.
> Please don't take what I'm about to say wrong, it is meant to be
> constructive criticism from someone who has been in software development,
> hardware development, and yes, even sales & marketing of said "stuff" for
> over 30 years.

I never take things any other way. ;)

> IMO there is a gap between the scope, focus, and stated goals of Ubuntu
> Studio.
> Some background on my point:
> Quote from Cory: "...(which I say time and time again Linux audio is not
> for the new-to-Linux user...."
> >From the home page of the
> "Ubuntu Studio is aimed at the GNU/Linux audio, video and graphic
> enthusiast as well as professional."
> >From the Ubuntu Studio Wiki:
> "Our aim is to make it more accessible for new users to get into the tools
> that GNU/Linux has to offer for multimedia creation and production."
> There points in these statements that are at loggerhead with each other.
> Someone working as a professional audio/video/graphics person, is out to
> make a living and, frankly, probably doesn't have time to be a Linux geek
> as well.
> (A somewhat interesting side note: the current issue of EQ magazine did a
> "roundup" of DAW software. As you might expect ProTools was there and even
> Audition. All softs covered ran on Macs or Windows. Linux audio tools
> didn't even get honorable mention!)

Yes. That appear unclear and the language on the wiki should be cleaned up.

Our target audience has never been new-to-linux users. *We* set our
target audience regardless of what users come around. This wil alienate
some people and I'm fine with that. You can't make something for
everyone. Though we realize new linux users will come in. I've never
discouraged them.

> So where are these experienced Linux people, who happen to want to do audio
> going to come from?

Any users of past distros. Demudi was the distro before 64Studio. We
started around the same time. So existing users were our target, no
matter how small a niche market. (even to this day)

> I happen to be a member of a pro sound google group that has 796 members.
> These are working audio professionals, world wide. I posted asking any who
> were Linux people to reply. That post is less than an hour old, so the
> verdict is still out. I'll be surprised if the response is 10%.
> I submit that by the nature of this beast (Ubuntu, FOSS, etc.) you're gonna
> get a high percentage of less than "experienced" Linux users. At least one
> reason, is, those looking to use FOSS are either frustrated with windows
> (and the cost) or are looking for a budget way to do
> audio/video/graphics...or both.
> If Ubuntu Studio is only for eagles, then make it clear to all the pigeons,
> "Don't try to fly with us eagles...". Don't even mention the enthusiast or
> new users mentioned in the wiki, because people aren't going to interpret
> that as "Linux geeks who are interested in multimedia".
> I suggest, that to build a community, you are going to have to help the
> noobs, the early adopters, become the geeks they need to be.

Like I've said, when they come to the list, I don't tell 'em to go away.
;) I *personally* don't have the time but others surely do.

> This may mean, at least initially, a very narrow focus for the distro. So
> that the small core can coach the others along until some critical mass is
> achieved.

To me, we're there now. However a small a mass it might be.

> To be honest, as I've become more acquainted with the way of Ubuntu and the
> FOSS world, I'd have to ask: if an experienced Linux user wants to do, say,
> audio why would he/she need Ubuntu Studio anyway? They would presumably
> know how to get Ardour, Jack, and maybe FFADO and be off on their way.

Because even old-timers get tired of setting it up. ;) At 1st it was
about the audio package, then, as I've explained, it became about
promoting Video/Graphics tools because we simply had the space and
didn't cost us anything.

> So my point is Ubuntu Studio is a great general purpose multimedia distro.
> I understand your frustration with limited help stepping up. Volunteers are
> always a small percentage of any community. So, grow the community, then
> that percentage is a larger number of actual bodies.

IMO, it takes (and continues to) so much effort from a small team to do
the technical stuff that we simply don't have the time. We've created
*all* the infrastructure. There are old heads that don't work on the dev
team that can step up and build more community. How I see it anyway.

> So to finally answer one of your questions: "What do *you* want Ubuntu
> Studio to be? Would be a shame to see the project that carries the powerful
> Ubuntu name slip into the dark."
> I fully intend to start doing documentation, once I get a system that works
> every time I boot and am confident in what I'm writing. Frankly there is a
> plethora of "do this", "do that" with little or no basis or explanation of
> what to expect. IMO that's not documentation, that's 90% wild goose chase
> and if you're lucky you find the 10% that works in your case.
> What do I want in Ubuntu Studio: I want to setup to record a session and
> when I boot the pc, it's ready to record, without xruns or crashes for 3
> hours continuously.
> In the long run I may even get around to dusting off my coding skills and
> jumping into that fray...again.

Don't have much to say here. Sounds fine.

So I'm gonna stop for a while and let Luis take over. (as he should be)

-Cory K.

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