Forging a new path.

Scott ubuntustudio at
Sun Apr 12 03:15:09 BST 2009

Cory K. wrote:
> I and many in the linux audio game have become a little disheartened
> with the current state of things. Things are just a mess. Trying to make
> it all work together is a mind-numbing hassle.

My thoughts exactly, which is why I've jumped over to Fedora/CCRMA.  All I care about 
is Jack and Ardour, both projects which I've contributed time and money to.  IMO, Jack 
is the most critical element as without it there would be little interoperability 
between all the audio applications.  Fortunately, they will live on regardless of 
platform due to the agnostic nature of Linux.

> "Why can't I use Skype and Rythmbox?" and like questions I'm simply
> tired of. We're *not* a general desktop distro. *Not* for new-to-linux
> users. Linux audio plus learning linux is just to much to do together.

I think those questions would have been quickly answered if UBS was more focused on 
being a trim distro in the spirit of a dedicated DAW instead of incorporating 
everything from Ubuntu-desktop.

Anyway, thanks for everything and don't run screaming yet!


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