Selecting Hardware for Music Production

Sean Darby sean at
Sun Oct 26 06:41:22 GMT 2008

> Devices that work with ALSA:
> Unfortunately, the ALSA developers do not have the resources to test
> every device that appears on the market.  Really, there are three ways
> to check compatiblity: The ALSA site ;
> look into mailing list archives post a question to a list, news group,
> or irc chat ; and lastly, buy something and see for yourself.

I found this over on ALSA's site;

There are so many listed I wouldn't know which one to get. lol

Any idea if there's an average turn-out on success/fail with
ALSA-compatible devices tested strictly via the "buy something and see
for yourself" approach?

> Mixers:
> I use the Alesis 1622 in my studio.  I bought this new a very long
> time ago.

That's a pretty big mixer!

I don't want a small mixer, though I don't want a really big mixer. ;)

> I use the TOA live, because it is a rackmount 10 channel mixer and
> takes up only 8 spaces in a rack.  I found both modules, the D-4 and
> D-4E, used on Craig's list for $50US.  It was local so was able to I
> try it out before buying it.

That's a good idea - craigslist - I'll have to look there too.

> You can usually find these Behringer devices on-line.  I usually
> purchase new from, or
>  I usually purchase used from Craig's list.  When it
> comes to used gear, I like to try before I buy.

I've purchased through before though recently
discovered that is pretty good about competing with prices,
or matches them.

> combination with rack mounted synths, I mix then all in the 1622 and
> record into the Mac with ecasound.

Do you use Ubuntu Studio or just Mac?

> Another way to reduce latency is to not run a GUI environment like X
> Windows, and use a command-line utility for the project such as

I like using cli though prefer gui w/ this kind of thing. :)

>  ecasound.  Other ways to reduce latency are to get the hardware as
> close to the CPU as possible which is why I sometimes use the PCI

As close as possible? <confused>

> Figure out what it is you want to do, research how to do it, and then
> stay in your budget when making a purchase.  For example, I don't know
> for certain if a USB MIDI controller device, like one of the Behringer
> B-Control devices, can control the volume of a audio track in
> Rosegarden.  I am not going to make a purchasing decision until I have
> exhausted my research.

I'd like to record bass guitar, acoustic guitars, electric guitars,
electronic drumset, midi keyboard, vocals, occasional woodwind/brass

I've done some digging so far on the how-to...

How would members of the Ubuntu Studio community suggest recording that?

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