Please please solve the system-sound no play - pulse audio troubles in Intrepid-Studio and other niggles

Steven Davies-Morris sdavmor at
Sat Oct 25 19:31:09 BST 2008

mentoj_dija at wrote:
> yes. the problem with virtual box... i thought its a problem of my 
> system, but it seems to be a general bug. it would be great, if 
> this would be solved.
> aYo Binitie wrote:
>> Please please, I beg that you solve the problems with the system 
>> soun updatsd and pulse audio - and the problems with Samba and 
>> VirtualBox. I brought lappy #2 out today to check for up dates 
>> and give it a run. Lappy2 runs Ubuntu Hardy. No problems there 
>> with system sounds at all. So its definitely the configuration 
>> used with UStudio.
>> a

What version of Virtualbox are you running? I'm on v2.0.4 (Hardy,
latest patch from two days ago) on top of Intrepid 8.10RC AMD64 with
the generic 2.6.27-7 kernel. That vBox runs fine even though it's not
officially yet on Intrepid. The audio works properly on the 8.10RC
with both pulseaudio (finally, after numerous false starts, yeah) and
OSS inside the vBox, and using pulseaudio, OSS and ALSA directly under

For the longest time under vBox (on Hardy and the Intrepid Alpha &
Beta) I had to configure my sound setup for OSS. Regardless of what I
ran native. Now it seems to all be working (perfectly, fingers
crossed) as pulseaudio across the board. This is on my desktop and DAW
boxes that I've moved forward to Intrepid. All of which are recent AMD
motherboards using recent Nvidia chipsets. I have no idea how well any
of this might work on a laptop since mine is an 8 year old PIII that
dual boots Win2K and Darya Mint.

As for Samba, all I can tell you is that I used to have to reset my
shares every time I rebooted. Those are at least now holding in the
Intrepid 8.10RC and my sons (on WinXP) don't bitch at me because they
can't reach the sample libraries housed in a share on one of the
machines. My suggestion would be that if you have more than one
machine available, try taking one of them forward to the 8.10RC using
the generic kernel (since the rt is not there yet). And see what
happens. It will at least allow you to check out if things like Samba
and pulseaudio will work properly for you. YMMV.
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