Please please solve the system-sound no play - pulse audio troubles in Intrepid-Studio and other niggles

mentoj_dija at mentoj_dija at
Sat Oct 25 16:35:54 BST 2008

yes. the problem with virtual box... i thought its a problem of my 
system, but it seems to be a general bug. it would be great, if this 
would be solved.

aYo Binitie wrote:
> Please please, I beg that you solve the problems with the system soun 
> updatsd and pulse audio - and the problems with Samba and VirtualBox. 
> I brought lappy #2 out today to check for up dates and give it a run. 
> Lappy2 runs Ubuntu Hardy. No problems there with system sounds at all. 
> So its definitely the configuration used with UStudio.
> a

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