Building a Computer

Sean Darby sean at
Wed Oct 15 23:40:28 BST 2008

Hi Davide,

Thank you for the suggestions.

I've recently noticed more people recommending ATI and Intel -
specifically of the *nix community - where originally I was hearing more
of a mix of Intel and AMD and mostly NVIDIA... It looks like it's all
pretty close in price (an AMD and Intel (both quads) of similar specs
are only about $5 apart).

I'm guessing either Intel or AMD motherboards will work fine with Linux
and Unix.

However, I am concerned about which GPU will work better.

Thanks again for the input.

On Mon, 2008-10-13 at 11:37 +0200, Davide Tullio wrote:
> Hi Sean,
> i advise you the VGA that now has the best price/performance ratio
> that is ATI RADEON 4850, you can verify it seeing on-line benchmark.
> For the CPU you could use INTEL's new models with 45nm technology (i
> have INTEL 8200), while for music i have the sound card M-audio that
> works really well with UBUNTU STUDIO.
> Best regards.

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