Windows network gone - I can no longer see it.

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I absolutely agree. I've had enough trouble as it is from getting updates
other than long term release fixes. Oh God no. I'll be sitting on my hands
for a while before going to Intrepid.

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> >> What revision of Ubuntu Studio are you running? I ask because
> >> I've recently upgraded to Intrepid 8.10 to test things out, and
> >> all kinds of things like audio, networking, video blow up /
> >> disappear / reappear / reconfigure themselves
> >> list just the tip of the iceberg things that are working in less
> >> than stellar fashion. So if you're not on the official 8.04 Hardy
> >>  then all bets are off.
> >>
> >> Also what rev level of vBox are you running? The transition from
> >>  1.6 was not smooth, but after some false starts all the
> >> immediate gotchas have been nailed and 2.0.2 seems stable. Except
> >> that it keeps losing one of my shared folders after a physical
> >> reboot, which is a minor annoyance but no show-stopper.
> >
> > I'm still using Hardy - I've really had to put myself in a
> > straitjacket to prevent myself upgrading but I only will when its
> > officially out. That said I'm so in love with the OS
> Let me offer some friendly advice from sticking my hand in the fire.
> Do NOT under any circumstances upgrade to Intrepid until the Ubuntu
> Studio team roll out a production release on Intrepid. it's one thing
> to go Beta when your needs are light office/email/internet, etc. It's
> another when the apps that are being run are serious audio & video
> tools. There are still waaaaay too many things that go south in 8.10
> for no apparent reason/get hosed with the latest set of Beta patches.
> Like right audio, which was working fine last night when I
> watched some India vs Australia cricket highlights is once again not
> outputting any sound in any audio or video app. WTF? No doubt I will
> have to reconfigure audio once the current overnight upgrades are
> installed and I reboot. :-( For the "J" release next April I won't be
> in such a damn hurry to exercise my curiosity. I managed to resist
> this time until the Alpha 6 at which point I had to dive in. I should
> have kept resisting. There's a lot of good sense in "if it ain't broke
> don't keep programming / engineering it until it is!". :-)
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