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Tue Oct 7 21:14:07 BST 2008

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laurent.bellegarde wrote:
> Hi john,
> It seems to have a solution.
> without the nvidia 3D driver, you can use xinerama or something like 
> that to use 2 displays easily.
> I can't test it because i'll only have one monitor !!!
> you can install by synaptic a software called grandr, a gtk gnome 
> interface for xrandr which allow you to use 2 displays easily.
> to start grandr, open a terminal, and write grandr, a graphical 
> interface will up, with your displays.
> I have a nvidia 7300 GS, with a vga port and a dvi port. so If it works, 
> you can use 2 displays.
> I'm interested by the result on you computer...
> complete documentation here, but only in french...
> Laurent

I was going to suggest xrandr (the console version) as this is what I
use to control my Intel device.  The console version seems to have more
options and allow for greater control.  It has the added advantage of
working if you ssh in or use a regular console if/when you mess things
up.  No need to reboot or restart X.

I am also curious to see how well it works with nvidia or ati using the
open source drivers.

Some good links to start with can be found here:

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