Xinerama Nvidia & RT

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at
Tue Oct 7 17:03:04 BST 2008

John Cohen a écrit :
> Ok will consider using intel when and if I upgrade. For now
> unfortunately I'm stuck with what I've got. Which kind of brings back
> the original question... Having the NV open drivers, and 2d graphics
> enabled, is it possible to have xinerama enabled via xorg.config or
> another way? or is it only possible with proprietary drivers?
> thanks for your input
> john 
Hi john,

It seems to have a solution.

without the nvidia 3D driver, you can use xinerama or something like 
that to use 2 displays easily.

I can't test it because i'll only have one monitor !!!

you can install by synaptic a software called grandr, a gtk gnome 
interface for xrandr which allow you to use 2 displays easily.

to start grandr, open a terminal, and write grandr, a graphical 
interface will up, with your displays.

I have a nvidia 7300 GS, with a vga port and a dvi port. so If it works, 
you can use 2 displays.

I'm interested by the result on you computer...

complete documentation here, but only in french...


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