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Thu Oct 2 16:43:14 BST 2008

sandie wrote:
> Steven Davies-Morris wrote:
>> FWIW I've tried Intrepid with the 2.2.26 rt for AMD64 for about 
>> 10 days. In one word "don't". There's a laundry-list of things 
>> that cause the system to lock up and go braindead -- many of them
>>  video and audio driver related. But many apps appear to work on 
>> the generic kernel (performance issues aside). And many of them 
>> appear to work in the latest (Intrepid alpha 6) versions using 
>> the 2.2.19 rt kernel that is available for Hardy.
>> I have to agree with Cory that for now Ubuntu Studio users should
>>  stick with Hardy because the 2.2.26 rt kernel is not ready to go
>>  as part of Intrepid, let alone as part of Ubuntu Studio
>> Intrepid. That may change in the next 30 days, but I suggest
>> letting Cory et al pull their hair out and swear at their
>> computers dealing with the problems of 2.2.26 rt. YMMV.
> A non-rt kernel is realy not an option for me, I can't run any of 
> my apps :-( at least not with the preformance I'm used to.

If so then you will need to run 8.04 Hardy for the foreseeable future,
which isn't so bad. IMO Ubuntu Studio on Hardy is pretty swell. But,
if you're dead keen to move forward then it might have to be Intrepid
with the generic kernel...for a while. Which is what I plan to do.

As I indicated, Intrepid Alpha 6 is quite stable using the latest
generic kernel -- actually with applied patches it's now very stable
IMO and probably very close to being a BETA version -- but the same
8.10 apps on the latest develoment rt kernel are still prone to abrupt
app aborts and outright system crashing. (i.e. lobotomizing my AMD64
box 4-6 times a day). And I'm not even talking about freezes in Ubuntu
Studio apps. It'll will be in the middle of something in Firefox or
Nautilus or Open Office and suddenly flatline. :-(

> I managed to install the rt-kernel (32bit) from the repros, a 173 
> Nvidia driver (the 177 didnt work for me), Wine and Wineasio, and 
> have been trying to crash the system for an hour now, without any 
> luck :-)

It took me a few hours before the first blowup occurred. :-) By
contrast nothing is crashing my AMD64 system using 810 with the
generic kernel.

> I use EnergyXT2 with (win)vsti's for drums, bass and keyboards, and
>  then record guitar, vocals and other analog thingies.
> But lets say (for the sake of the argument) that I don't know 
> anything about kernels ;-) Will I still be using all the new stuff 
> in 8.10, xorg, qt.... ? And will the kernel be updated automaticly 
> when the new one arrive ?

I ran the current rt kernel that ships with Hardy Ubuntu Studio
2.2.19), and a mix of the 8.10 apps. That combo seems to be fairly
stable, but I've only looked at a few audio apps that were of interest
to me. I didn't dig into any video apps, and didn't spend any time on
MIDI, or do any audio that would need very low latency. So take a big
pinch of salt with my saying that the current Ubuntu Studio rt kernel
might work for you with some of the Intrepid apps until the issues of
Intrepid and the 2.2.27x rt kernel get resolved.

> Kind regards Sandie

Good luck to you. The way forward for Ubuntu Studio on Intrepid looks
to be quite an adventure! :-)
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