sandie sandie at
Thu Oct 2 00:31:30 BST 2008

Steven Davies-Morris wrote:
> FWIW I've tried Intrepid with the 2.2.26 rt for AMD64 for about 10
> days. In one word "don't". There's a laundry-list of things that cause
> the system to lock up and go braindead -- many of them video and audio
> driver related. But many apps appear to work on the generic kernel
> (performance issues aside). And many of them appear to work in the
> latest (Intrepid alpha 6) versions using the 2.2.19 rt kernel that is
> available for Hardy.
> I have to agree with Cory that for now Ubuntu Studio users should
> stick with Hardy because the 2.2.26 rt kernel is not ready to go as
> part of Intrepid, let alone as part of Ubuntu Studio Intrepid. That
> may change in the next 30 days, but I suggest letting Cory et al pull
> their hair out and swear at their computers dealing with the problems
> of 2.2.26 rt. YMMV.
A non-rt kernel is realy not an option for me, I can't run any of my 
apps :-( at least not with the preformance I'm used to.

I managed to install the rt-kernel (32bit) from the repros, a 173 Nvidia 
driver (the 177 didnt work for me), Wine and Wineasio, and have been 
trying to crash the system for an hour now, without any luck :-)
I use EnergyXT2 with (win)vsti's for drums, bass and keyboards, and then 
record guitar, vocals and other analog thingies.

But lets say (for the sake of the argument) that I don't know anything 
about kernels ;-)
Will I still be using all the new stuff in 8.10, xorg, qt.... ?
And will the kernel be updated automaticly when the new one arrive ?

Kind regards

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