Manual for MuseScore (mscore) in Hardy?

Joseph Wakeling joseph.wakeling at
Sun Mar 23 14:47:25 GMT 2008

Hello all,

I'm running the Kubuntu Hardy beta on my machine and, following an
install of the ubuntustudio-audio set of packages, was delighted to
discover the mscore score-creation package.

There's one niggle: the "Manual" option in the help menu generates an
error message,

 "MuseScore manual not found at: /usr/share/mscore-0.9/doc/man-en.pdf"

I note there's no mscore-doc package in the repositories.  So what's the
issue here?  I noticed the version contains a 'dfsg' so are there issues
with the manual's licensing and Debian guidelines?

Also, an unrelated question, mostly for curiosity's sake.  Is there any
reason why I shouldn't use the realtime kernel when running (K)ubuntu
for non-studio-related stuff?  Are there use-cases when it's a bad idea?

Many thanks and Happy Easter,

    -- Joe

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