Audacity crashes Jack

Javier Tucat Moreno jtucat at
Wed Mar 5 10:05:10 GMT 2008

Hi! You were right!! I didn't notice the plugins from Ardour, and
couldn't do many things.  I read the Tutorial and it is incredibly
great!  I don't think i will use Audacity with jack for a long time...
for my simple use of home recording (rehersals, classes, little demos)
Ardour is just perfect :-)

Thanks you all!


El lun, 03-03-2008 a las 10:01 -0700, Jason Schaefer escribió:
> Do you really need to run audacity with jack? You should write to the
> audacity mailing list about this. Jack and audacity don't work so well
> right now (portaudio). Maybe you want to look into another sound
> editor that has better jack support.
> Again, you might think of upgrading portaudio to the latest dev
> snapshot. That is what I had to do for mixxx (another portaudio/jack
> app) to work. I can give more details if you want to try it.
> You can find the .wav files in an ardour project under the sounds
> folder. You can break the project if you mess these up. BTW, Ardour
> has the best jack support, the most features, and is the most stable
> sound editor for gnu/linux right now. Is it too complex for your
> needs? If you stick with the basics, its actually really straight
> forward. Be sure to read the manual
> On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 5:52 AM, Javier Tucat Moreno <jtucat at> wrote:
> > Hi, i'm still having problem with audacity and Jack... any suggestions?
> >
> >  how can i edit the recorded tracks from Ardour without having to export
> >  them first as wav?
> >
> >  Thanks!
> >  Javier
> >
> >
> >
> >
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