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adam faranda adam.faranda at
Tue Mar 4 06:23:57 GMT 2008

I think every matrix editor I have encountered has had a different set of
matrix edit controls; combinations of keyboard keys, and mouse button
controls. Different people prefer different schemes. I am toying with the
idea of trying to add midi track and matrix edit functionality to Ardour. It
probably won't happen, but it could be a fun summer project. I am curious to
hear what kind of matrix edit control scheme's some of you might prefer,
here's mine:

left click = select and move notes

" a " + left click (on a note )= change velocity

" w " + left click = draw a note

" s " + left click (on a note ) = change note length

" d " + left click (on a note ) = delete note

right click (on individual, or selected group of notes ) = popup menu with
commands, copy, paste, quantize, equalize velocity etc...

I haven't given the window controls much thought yet, but I am particularly
partial to seq24's format.
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