JACK almost working

Joe Bain mrjoebain at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 12:05:38 BST 2008

On 08/07/2008, Norio De Sousa <norio at maxiware.co.za> wrote:
> Hey Joe :)
> Glad to report that I'm one happy Jack camper!  Can't believe that something so simple eluded me for so long.  Ridiculous!  You're a lifesaver.
> Will definitely give a lighter WM a go.  I used to us xubuntu a while ago, so maybe I'll start using XFCE for my recording account.  Thanks for the suggestion.  What's your site/blog/whatever.  I'd like to link to you so people can see the real brains behind my success here :P

Again you're welcome, though it's not really my wisdom. Like I said I
got stuck on this problem earlier in the year and a kind soul on the
ubuntu-studio irc channel helped me out.

If you're interested I do post some of the music I make on http://adam-a.co.uk.

>(Waves at Cory.  Hi :D)

Also, there is no need to be rude to Cory after he makes a polite and
reasonable request about how to post on the mailing list. He puts a
lot of work into Ubuntu Studio from which we all benefit.


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