Serious help is needed with debugging what wrong with our system sounds.

Fernando M Lacerda fernandomlac at
Tue Jan 29 14:08:22 GMT 2008

On Jan 28, 2008 9:30 PM, Luis de Bethencourt <luisbg at> wrote:
> OK guys... Let me throw some cold water to this debate and clarify
> things since I know where everybody is coming from.
> Cory K., as myself is tired of a lack of quid pro cuo from the
> community. We deal in a daily basis with people with a lot of sudden
> motivation to help, that need to learn a lot. Which don't get me
> wrong, it isn't bad, we all were newcomers when we started but we grab
> their hand and spend a lot of our time helping this newcomers to see
> them just disappear a few days later.
> I suppose everybody here has some IRC experience... it is the
> development example of when in a support channel, somebody comes in
> without reading the manual, machine guns questions about his problem,
> expects quick and extensive replies, and when he gets his problem
> fixed he just logs off from irc and bye bye for ever. no writing down
> the fix somewhere other people can find it, no staying around the irc
> channel to help other newcomers.
> We Ubuntu Studio developers, and Ubuntu developers in general are
> volunteers. So just imagine how frustrating it can be to loose time
> frequently with this people.
> Meaning no offence to thomas fischer I can tell he hasn't even done a
> launchpad search, and he comes and asks Cory to explain him the
> problem into detail. Stating he doesn't have time, well, we don't too
> and here comes Cory's reply...
> "When you're willing to help, I'll answer. I get more than enough
> "suggestions" on a daily basis."
> Maybe the word selection was not correct. What he means is please
> research, use your time and offer me a solution. Just not come along,
> ask me to stop and answer 5 questions, and try something this list
> which contains some stuff that has already been done.
> My respect to Fernando, he proves interest too bad he lacks the
> technical knowledge, I do sincerely hope he finds it very fun, enjoys
> it and learns from it.

Thanks, Luis. I'm finding it fun, already, though there's still a lot
to learn and experience. Hope someday I will be capable of helping in
a more active way.

> About Eddie, show some respect please. Free software is a meritocratic
> system. Please don't come here trying to get a flame war started, go
> contribute as best as you can in the project that you like best.
> Now throw the rocks at me if you like...
> Luis de Bethencourt

About what's running on this topic, I prefer to think tha Cory's been
having some bad days. Who doesn't? Or, maybe, his e-mail account has
been hijacked... :)
Well, serious now, looking back through this list, I can see that Cory
is mostly polite, and that he indeed does a lot for Ubuntu Studio. I
really didn't like Cory's tone in these recent messages, but I know I
could have written something just like that if I got pissed. I don't
expect any appologies. I'd juts like to give my advice (and this is
for _everybody_) to _ALWAYS_ think before you write. Emotions are hard
to get in text messages, what makes all this a bit harder.

Alea jacta est! What is done is done. Let's put this discussion aside
and look forward to the better development and usage of Ubuntu Studio.


Fernando L.

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