Serious help is needed with debugging what wrong with our system sounds.

Cory K. coryisatm at
Mon Jan 28 19:21:32 GMT 2008

Fernando M Lacerda wrote:
>>> Cory, I am not writing with any neartime help, just a couple of suggestions.
>>> 1) Clarification of terms: what is a {  seb128  }; { crimsun }
>>> 2) Statement of system having the problem: Is it { Ubuntu Studio }; { Ubuntu
>>> Studio package in Hardy }; { gnome desktop? }
>>> 3)From your statement it tells me your overall audio system is operative.
>>> { true /  false ? }
>>> 4)  Statement:  { When running gnome-sound-properties and rapidly trying to
>>> play the sounds I will hit a caching error. }
>>>   "gnome-sound-properties"  is the same as the desktop " sound preferences "?
>>> 5) { rapidly trying to play } means
>>>       ----rapidly trigerring the mouse button?
>>>       ----rapidly keying from the keyboard?
>>>             either case I suspect that observation has nothing to do with the
>>> desktop  tone.
>>>   Cory, I am not writing with any neartime help, just a couple of suggestions.
>>  When you're willing to help, I'll answer. I get more than enough
>> "suggestions" on a daily basis.
> Hey, Cory, take it easy!


> I understand you're on a rush, and you're not
> getting the help you need. However, Thomas has a point with his
> suggestions. I'm just a beginner Studio user, I haven't produced
> anything real so far with it. I don't WORK with audio, I just LIKE it.
> I'm not a very experienced linux user also.
> Thus, I don't know if I am the right person to help you out with that
> issue. BUT, if I knew what "seb128", "crimsun" mean, and if I
> understood what "rapidly trying to play the sounds" means, maybe I
> could figure out some way of helping.
> Regards!
> Fernando L

I'm sorry I'm just not gonna take the time any longer for people who for
one reason or another "don't have the time".

If things don't work in Hardy, oh well. I'll no longer shoulder the
guilt. I reach out and get nothing.


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