Serious help is needed with debugging what wrong with our system sounds.

thomas fisher studio1 at
Tue Jan 29 16:10:36 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 29 January 2008 05:14:07 Eddie Armstrong wrote:
> Luis de Bethencourt wrote:
> > About Eddie, show some respect please. Free software is a meritocratic
> > system. Please don't come here trying to get a flame war started, go
> > contribute as best as you can in the project that you like best.
> I have been a member of this list for some time, I am on a number of
> lists including some other Ubuntu ones - I have been on the Internet for
> over 27 years! - I _do not_ start flame wars - your colleague Cory K is
> and making lame excuses for his conduct
> I don't care how busy he is he doesn't talk to Ubuntu users that way,
> This list is supposedly to help all UbuntuStudio users of all levels -
> we all contribute in different ways - a 'developer' is not superior to
> other members of the community and cannot lambast them whenever he feels
> like it.
> I am not a troll - I do not start flame wars.
> If there  is no proper and fair mediation of this list then I will seek
> a solution elsewhere - the behaviour of Cory K is contrary to the whole
> ethos of Ubuntu.
> Eddie
  The people that support Ubuntu do so in multitudes of ways. And in doing so 
I know that I am also addressing the entirety of the open source effort that  
runs on many operating systems.  The innovators that contribute of themselves 
certainly in the thousands of ways that is essential to build a fine system 
is truly a major social phenomenon. It is so easy for someone that is doing 
their " thing " to loose sight that " their " contribution is just a tiny 
part of a most complex greater construction. Where would Ubuntu be without 
Debian? Without GNU? Without Linux? etcetera, etcetera! 
  So what is it that I am looking at in this flame? Possibly just ignorance. 
Possibly some poor soul that is caught in the midst of this economic chaos 
that is swallowing many during these days. Possibly agents from MS land sent 
to bring the seeds of hate, and gross stupidity.
  Having been specifically named, I wish to state: My purpose for being here 
is to learn, share, assist in continuing to build Ubuntu and the open source 
effort. I do not endorse the behavior of Cory K. nor Eddie Armstrong.

I hope this helps.


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