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Haig Dedeyan schrieb:
> On January 28, 2008 08:57:02 pm Haig Dedeyan wrote:

>> VSTs are completely proprietary and licenses are needed to use it in linux.
>> I'll repeat the Cinelerra story here even though a search will also
>> yield the story.
>> Cinelerra required some non-free components to build against. Even when
>> addressing that it had about 1/3rd of its files unlicensed and or
>> licenses that contradicted one another.
>> -Cory

True for VST - Seinberg/Yamaha do NOT licence the SDK in a way that is
compatible with GPL-Software. Discussing that item with JAD-people I
learned, that Steinberg do not do so because they are "evil" but because
they are unaware of the issue. They distribute the SDK as "freeware" and
 there could be a chance to convince them to release it with an
Debian-approvable licence if someone they have serious reason to listen
to pushes them a bit...

Regarding Video-Codecs and the like:

We must distiguish IP/licence-issues from conflicts with patents.


Anybody wonders why the heck those french Mandriva-Folks dare to ship a
Distro WITH MP3-support o.o.t.b. ???

This situation will not be solved by backing down every time - at least
the prpblems should be addressed properly: to provide ISO-Downloads for
people from countries free of software-patents and others for people in
countries that suffer from enforcable sw-patents could be a start.
And I do not see a loud protesting from Canonical (and/or Novell, RH,
you name it) against these absurd and destructive laws.

> Even if legal issues are in the way, perhaps an icon on the desktop popping up 
> a readme would help directing people where to go to get the missing packages, 
> something like what Audacity has done with LAME within its preferences.

Would be good for starters also.

> I believe Ubuntu or Kubuntu installer will ask the user if they want to 
> download LAME during the installation process.
> Regarding VST, or the need to get vst plugins to work,  perhaps this would be 
> a none issue if there were good quality ladspa/dssi synths/FX plugins 
> available.

Vey well put!!! I back this absolutely! Let us support those who work on
free alternatives and use the stuff that is out there - it can do much
more then all those ST-addicts can see at first glance!!!

best regards


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