Cinelerra and VST support

Haig Dedeyan hdedeyan at
Tue Jan 29 04:07:54 GMT 2008

On January 28, 2008 08:57:02 pm Haig Dedeyan wrote:
> Haig Dedeyan wrote:
> > You only outlined 20 hours of your day. You still have another 4 hours to
> > help people :-)
> >
> >
> > FWIW, I think ubuntu studio is a very solid distro compared to others
> > that I tried so kudos to the whole team.
> >
> >
> > Perhaps adding cinelerra and a very painless way of having vst plugins
> > would throw this distro miles ahead of everyone else.
> >
> > Haig
> Cinelerra and VST support would have been added to many free distros
> years ago. There are legal issues that stop it from shipping by default
> or getting them the repos at all. Developers seldom don't do things
> because they are dicks. They are users like you and would love to
> provide these things. There are often issues users just don't understand
> or refuse to accept.
> VSTs are completely proprietary and licenses are needed to use it in linux.
> I'll repeat the Cinelerra story here even though a search will also
> yield the story.
> Cinelerra required some non-free components to build against. Even when
> addressing that it had about 1/3rd of its files unlicensed and or
> licenses that contradicted one another. Just a complete mess of a
> situation that nobody but it's own community should be asked to clean
> up. So even while straitening out some non-free depends, the messy
> license issue stopped everything.
> FYI - Cinelerra3 is at the beginning of development and hopes to address
> these issues.
> -Cory

Thanks for the feedback.

Not to wander off too much but nix is almost there with a kick ass multimedia 

Michael & the gang have done a great job with Rosegarden, Hydrogen is very 
good especially with the sample quality of their kits, Ubuntu Studio is very 
very solid, and video editing/compositing is catching up thanks Cinelerra & 

Even if legal issues are in the way, perhaps an icon on the desktop popping up 
a readme would help directing people where to go to get the missing packages, 
something like what Audacity has done with LAME within its preferences.

I believe Ubuntu or Kubuntu installer will ask the user if they want to 
download LAME during the installation process.

Regarding VST, or the need to get vst plugins to work,  perhaps this would be 
a none issue if there were good quality ladspa/dssi synths/FX plugins 


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