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Tue Dec 23 14:54:27 GMT 2008

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 8:53 PM, Cristian Videla
<cristianvidela at> wrote:
> Hej!:
> I'm a brand new Ubuntu's last version user. I decided to install it to get
> involved into these Linux Plataform OS.
> I have an Intel processor: 2.13 GHz
> Memory: 750 Mb
> 64 Mb video card
> I have Windows XP into one of my HD, I have 2 of them, 80 Gb each one. I
> installed Ubuntu in the empty one HD. From an ISO image I had downloaded
> from Ubuntu's Official Page.
> After having downloaded the image, I checked it by comparing it by reading
> the hashes, it matched succesfully!. Then I burned it up!, I installed by
> using a Cd.
> The installation was completely succesfull.
> But...when I rebooted my PC (the Cd was previously removed), when i picked
> up Ubuntu as my OS at starting up...there a message like (initramfs) and a
> space waiting for me to enter a command. Why? What did it happen? Does
> always Ubuntu behave this way? Does it have graphic interface??? No?
> I trusted Ubuntu, I mean I wanted a safe OS, but I need some help, so
> please...reply me soonn.
> Thank you!.
> Cristian.

If you type exit at the initramfs prompt does the machine successfully
boot? If so, are these HDs SATA? If so you may need to edit your
/boot/grub/menu.lst and add rootdelay=90 to the end of kernel line.
You can try a different number other than 90, maybe start with 30, but
from what I've experienced, 90 worked for me and I've seen others use

My guess is the SATA controller is not initializing fast enough and so
the boot partition on the HD is not available soon enough. The
rootdelay will pause the boot process to allow the controller to

May help and is worth a try to see if this fixes the problem.

Good luck,

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