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You can also hit Alt+F1 to kill the plash during boot up, that will at least 
let you see the output and perhaps a more productive error message. 

Although, I'm inclined to agree with most here; it sounds like there was a 
problem with the installation due to the presence of another hard drive. While 
this shouldn't be an issue (normally), sometimes it occurs for various 

You may also want to try posting in the Ubuntu forums, there's one specific to 
installation troubles. There's a huge community of people there that are 
always willing to help.

Don't give up on Ubuntu... the reward is greater than the expense... 

On Tuesday 23 December 2008 03:32:53 Det wrote:
> Hola Cristian,
> this seems to be a very well known problem with Ubuntu
> 8.XX series - I shortly ran into it when I tried out 8.04,
> where the Live CD did not even boot on my laptop.
> No one really told about the problems, and there may
> be some different which causes Ubuntu to jump into the
> BusyBox - but many solutions are suggested if you google
> for "initramfs" or (better) "BusyBox".
> It may be related to the detection of the boot partition,
> which may possibly fail due to HD setup problems.
> One thread to start with is here:
> It mostly means changing the boot options, which you
> can do in the boot menu after pressing F6.
> What you should do is removing the "quiet" and perhaps
> the "splash" option, so you get a more verbose boot
> output which can give a hint to your problem.
> For further help try the ubuntu forums themselves,
> as it is not a studio related problem, aso outside
> this specialised forum here you may find a broader
> resource of expertise regarding that HD/boot stuff.
> Hope that helps.
> Det
> Cristian Videla schrieb:
> >  Hej!:
> > I'm a brand new Ubuntu's last version user. I decided to install it to
> > get involved into these Linux Plataform OS.
> > I have an Intel processor: 2.13 GHz
> > Memory: 750 Mb
> > 64 Mb video card
> > I have Windows XP into one of my HD, I have 2 of them, 80 Gb each one. I
> > installed Ubuntu in the empty one HD. From an ISO image I had downloaded
> > from Ubuntu's Official Page.
> > After having downloaded the image, I checked it by comparing it by
> > reading the hashes, it matched succesfully!. Then I burned it up!, I
> > installed by using a Cd.
> > The installation was completely succesfull.
> > But...when I rebooted my PC (the Cd was previously removed), when i
> > picked up Ubuntu as my OS at starting up...there a message like
> > (initramfs) and a space waiting for me to enter a command. Why? What did
> > it happen? Does always Ubuntu behave this way? Does it have graphic
> > interface??? No?
> > I trusted Ubuntu, I mean I wanted a safe OS, but I need some help, so
> > please...reply me soonn.
> > Thank you!.
> >
> > Cristian.
> >
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