Fw: Something weird with my hardy AMD64

Pandu Rakimanputra pandu.rakimanputra at rocketmail.com
Mon Dec 22 06:15:17 GMT 2008

I want to ask something about my Hardy.
One day, i ran AMPEG vst (bass amp simulation) with jack, jackbridge, and REAPER 2.44. When I played many notes with my bass, Xruns raised quickly. After xruns reached some number, i couldn't hear any sound, and reaper stopped for a while. When xruns wasn't raise again, i got everything works normally

Something weird was happend when i chose "ubuntu studio logo" --> quit. Everythings run well. I can play notes as many as i can. No "stopped sound".

 is there anybody explain my problem??
my next answer is: what process left when i choose "ubuntu studio logo" --> quit??
I'm using ACER ASPIRE 5002 (AMD turion 1.6GHz), 1,5GB
RAM, soundcard :Behringer UCA-200 (USB interface)
thanks for your help

Pandu Rakimanputra


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