Gutsy Versions of gcc and QT

Cory K. coryisatm at
Sat Sep 22 12:56:43 BST 2007

Mischan Gholizadeh Toosarani wrote:
> Hi. First i just want to congratulate you to this enormous package
> called ubuntustudio  (i know its more than a package in the apt
> sense). Until now there was no Audio Distribution that worked so
> stable on my laptop from day one. As i'm a student in a digital arts
> class, i'm happy as well, because i do not have to think about which
> distribution i recommend to fellow student any longer, who need a
> solidly working base for video-editing, live performances,
> installations or contract work.
Thank you. We're trying really hard.
> But as i'm not completely into the relationship between ubuntu and
> ubuntustudio (as a distro),
We are as official as Xubuntu in that all our packages are in the Ubuntu
repos and Canonical builds our disks. So with that said any package
version will be the same in Ubuntu Studio as in Ubuntu. If you need
something outside of that you will need to self-compile.
> i wanted to know how to get the current
> versions of gcc (>=4.2), QT and pyQT (>=4.3) without messing up my
> system. I would really like to stay in ubuntustudio for these
> development purposes, as it is a realtime audio application i'm
> developing.
> Thanks for any help in advance
> Cheers
> Misch

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