Gutsy Versions of gcc and QT

Mischan Gholizadeh Toosarani migosch at
Sat Sep 22 09:20:59 BST 2007

Hi. First i just want to congratulate you to this enormous package
called ubuntustudio  (i know its more than a package in the apt
sense). Until now there was no Audio Distribution that worked so
stable on my laptop from day one. As i'm a student in a digital arts
class, i'm happy as well, because i do not have to think about which
distribution i recommend to fellow student any longer, who need a
solidly working base for video-editing, live performances,
installations or contract work.

But as i'm not completely into the relationship between ubuntu and
ubuntustudio (as a distro), i wanted to know how to get the current
versions of gcc (>=4.2), QT and pyQT (>=4.3) without messing up my
system. I would really like to stay in ubuntustudio for these
development purposes, as it is a realtime audio application i'm

Thanks for any help in advance

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