Gutsy Versions of gcc and QT

Mischan Gholizadeh Toosarani migosch at
Sat Sep 22 13:22:38 BST 2007

2007/9/22, Cory K. <coryisatm at>:
> We are as official as Xubuntu in that all our packages are in the Ubuntu
> repos and Canonical builds our disks. So with that said any package
> version will be the same in Ubuntu Studio as in Ubuntu. If you need
> something outside of that you will need to self-compile.

sorry to be a pain, but with ubuntu i can connect to the gutsy sources
which already hold the mentioned version numbers... also xubuntu
reached 7.10 already

but i can't connect to gutsy main

from within ubuntustudio and i guess thats the way it should be as the

suggests that a release will not happen any sooner than than october 18th.
Did i understand this correctly?
Also i obstinately added the gutsy sources from ubuntu... but that
generated lots of errors from the update-manager... which thankfully
didn't install anything at all.

if the two packages (qt4-core,  gcc-4.2) weren't so lowlevel i would
compile them myself, but i don't think i could make a clean install
alongside the installed packages... or am i missing something?

thanks for the patience

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