[Ubuntu Studio] Re: Sony Handycam

the.peregrine at suddenlink.net the.peregrine at suddenlink.net
Sat Sep 1 04:41:22 BST 2007

I don't know that camera, Mike, but the question may instead be this: When you export or capture video from this camera, what format does it export to by default? Or perhaps you'd import it into Ubuntu as NTSC video, using a video capture card ...

Video is transferred using one of only a few standard formats, including NTSC in the U.S. and PAL in Japan. I believe SONY makes different versions of its cameras depending on where they sell them, and if you bought this camera in the U.S. it's almost certainly NTSC.

Your owner's manual may tell you more about this than we can. If you decide you need to use a video capture card, look for one that's been tested in Ubuntu. Ask here if you need to know just where to find that information. Canonical maintains a list of tested and approved hardware for just this reason.


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> I haven't actually used ubuntu studio yet, but I was wondering if there
> drivers for ubuntu for my handycam dcr-sr62 hard disk drive camcorder?  Sony
> doesn't have any on their website.  Sorry for the noobish question but I've
> never used the ubuntu studio packages before.

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