making a short video clip on ubuntu studio

Bellegarde Laurent laurent.bellegarde at
Sat Sep 1 11:58:03 BST 2007

Hi everyone,

I wish to spend few hours next september for making a short clip talking about
Ubuntu Studio.

I'm going to make 2 min for the whole message.

Video size is going to be done in pal DV, 720x576 with possibilities of encoding
in mpeg2 DVD 720x576, DVD NTSC 720x540, ogg vorbis/theora 640x480 ; 320x240 and
Xvid or divX.

any suggest or ideas about the most important content ?

I was thinking about

- simple desktop

- powerfull software as

- ardour + jackd

- kino

- kdenlive

- cinelerra ?

- Gimp

- vlc, mplayer

- synaptic

At the end, it could make a movie like this one, but longer and with more

or theses ones more longers (25Mo)

What do you think about ?

is there someone interesting writing the scenario or some else, as choosing a
free music, anything that could help. The titles should be done in english,
french, and i'll hope in spanish too.

Waiting for yours answers,

Laurent,, France

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