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Thanks Hartmut for the input.

On 9/4/07, Hartmut Noack <zettberlin at linuxuse.de> wrote:
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> Cory K. schrieb:
> > So I'm guessing you have nothing to say about the fact that the ML and
> > IRC channels are what you guys make it? :)
> I generally agree with you in that, so I felt not that eager to respond
> - - yet if you ask me ....
> You are the ones that know the most about the project, we as the users
> are interested in. So there is allways some user-expert realtionship on
> a list like this. The experts can help a lot to make a list run vivid..;-)
> > Hartmut Noack wrote:
> >
> >>>> Still I vote for a special Ubuntustudio-Forum also. The normal
> >>>> Ubuntuforums are as unusable to maintain a fluent communication
> >> with the
> >>>> users
> >>> Sorry. This decision was made to keep closer to the established Ubuntu
> >>> community.
> >> The Ubuntustudio-Forum was an integrated part of these forums.
> >> Music-Production is not desktop enough to be of much interest for the
> >> established users of any computersystem geared towards desktop-users. To
> >> be perfectly honest: as a music-maker I do not feel home amongst the
> >> vast majority of people that only want to know, how to connect their
> >> ipods and how to play encrypted DVDs...
> >
> > I'm sorry you feel this way.
> It is all pragmatic - no offence ment to the non-audio-interested. I
> wrote about 1000 or so posts/replies in several Linux-Blackboards 80% or
> so to help others to make their every-day-tasks run OK...
> I just wish, there was a subforum where audio-enthusiasts could
> congregate. "Normals" would be welcomed there of course....

ok it is not only audio but multimedia related, but doesn't it suit you?

> >
> >>>> as the Canonincal Repositories are inadequate to host all  needed
> >>>> packages in versions that are recent enough to be usable (Ardour needs
> >>>> to be upgraded every single time its sources are upgraded by Pauls
> >> team,
> >>>> same thing with Rosegarden, Muse, you name it...).
> >>> This is not possible as packages need to go through testing.
> >> Testing is most important - that is agreed. So if one tests Ardour 2.0.2
> >> he/she will find dozens of bugs some of them severe, that are fixed in
> >> 2.0.4/5 - so having a more stable app in the repos would be quite okay,
> >> would it be not?
> >>
> >>
> >>> Blindly
> >>> uploading updates is not the way. Also, things can take a little longer
> >>> because we sync our packages from Debian.
> >> Of course it would not be wise, to have a new package of Ardour 2 days
> >> after every given source-release but in 2-3 weeks this could be done I
> >> think. To wait half a year without getting the bugs fixed is no option
> >> for productive users.
> >>
> >> Whatif a crash-bug would be found in apache? Would there not be an
> >> upgrade before the next official release?
> >
> > Though your reasoning is sound, its just not the way things work.
> > There's a chain the packages must go through. If we build bleeding-edge
> > packages it benifits less users than if that package was in Debian then
> > Ubuntu.
> I heared some about the processof getting packages in the official
> repos, so I understand, that those repos cannot be the right place for
> such upgrades. Still they are needed and if I understand the reasons for
>  having such a strict regime with the repos, the No 1 goal is stability.
> And as audio-apps are still developped very fast newer means more
> stable. There should be a repo for at least bug-fix releases of stuff as
> important as Ardour or Rosegarden.
> Again: I would be honoured to help - I got a rootserver running with a
> contract including unlimited transfer. So a repo with about 30 important
>  apps in recent versions could be set up  within a month.

we are solving this hosting and updates stuff. thanks for the offer.

I'm very happy the mail thread has become constructive and we are
getting great user input. Thanks to all.

I invite any Ubuntu Studio user to take the chance and ask whatever
they are wondering about the project, after all, the mail thread is
titled "I have a question". It is true we "experts" as Hartmut called
us, are the ones with all the info (most of the time) but we don't
know what doubts and worries you users have.

Lets all chat.

Luis de Bethencourt

> >> Visibility is communication, communication is life - that is the way of
> >> the web.
> >>
> >> best reg.
> >>
> >> HZN
> > Just trust in that we have things under control. ;)
> >
> I trust, what I see };-] ;-)
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