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Sat May 26 07:15:10 BST 2007

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You need to assign the midi track to a synth of some sort.  When you
have some midi imported into Rosegarden, you then need a synth to make
the actual sounds.  Qsynth needs sound fonts (google for sound fonts)
for it to work.

If you are new to linux audio, it might be a good idea to read up a
little on how things are conceptually organized.  It might seem
complicated at first, but when you figure it out it will be well worth it.

Some links to get you started:  (users guide, a lot is done for you
automatically in UbuntuStudio)

Hope this helps,

Joseph Wakeling wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm a complete novice user of audio software---I have some familiarity
> with notation software like Finale and Sibelius but only on Windows
> (though I'm familiar with Linux and Ubuntu in general).  I'm trying out
> Ubuntu Studio simply as a way of learning about audio editing and so on.
> I've been playing with Hydrogen (drum sequencer) and Rosegarden, but
> have been unable to get any playback in either.  Rosegarden, for
> example, will "play" but no sound emerges.  I suspect this is due to
> MIDI being incorrectly set up on the system but I don't know what to do
> about it.
> If in Rosegarden I go to Settings -> Configure Rosegarden and click on
> the Sequencer tab, the sequencer status is given as "MIDI OK, Audio OK".
> As I'm totally unfamiliar with both the software and the Linux audio
> environment, I'm at a loss to know what to do.  Can someone advise me?
> Many thanks,
>     -- Joe
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