Add [US] or [Ub-St] to the emails from this list AND presentation

David (Água na boca) dawidbass at
Thu Jun 7 21:15:07 BST 2007

My first mail on this list to say that in Evolution, just add a rule
using :

        "message"=>"create a rule"=>"mailing list"
        for me it's in french so I'm not sure of the translation

and move all mails to the folder you want...
Because I use rules to move diferents accounts to diferents folder, I
need to put this sort of rule on the top in (in other case, messages
move to account folder first and do not pass filter) :

        "Edition"=>"Message rules"

Hope it will help !

NB: I'm very very happy with Ubuntu and with Ubuntu Studio, thanks a


Le jeudi 07 juin 2007 à 17:14 -0300, Zevang a écrit :
> I was just about to say the same thing.
> I have some difficulties managing to redirect Ub-St mails to the
> proper folder.
> I then join the "please include an ID to the subject" choir :-)
> Now presenting myself, I`m Jose Evangelista. Although I`m new to
> Linux, I have a direct interest in audio and video. After I chose
> Ubuntu as a basis to begin my Linux journey, I just found the
> "studio" flavor and lots to learn, of course... 
> cheers,
> Zevang
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