Alsa/Ubuntu Studio Midi IN: Program Change?

Jonathan Leonard jonathan.adams.leonard at
Sat Jul 21 00:36:40 BST 2007

Has anyone had any trouble receiving program changes in Ubuntu  
Studio?  I am using the latest Alsa and have 2 midi devices:  the  
midi in on the echo layla 20, and the Evolution X-session midi in.  I  
have a controller keyboard sending program changes and regardless of  
what number I send, only program 01 is received.  I have connected my  
keyboard to a midi monitor on another machine and can confirm the  
correct transmission of program changes.  I have tried the midi in on  
the layla, and the midi in on the x-session and both have the same  
effect:  no matter what I send for PC, only pc 01 is received.  I can  
play notes, modwheel and pitchbend fine into these 2 hardware ports.   
I have tested this in Reaper/wine/wineasio, and Rosegarden.  While  
both of these programs can receive notes and others just fine on  
those 2 midi ports - not so for program change.  So that means its  
not my controller, not the applications or midi interfaces, but some  
filter or setting for all midi.

Does anyone know how to fix this or have some idea?

Also what midi monitor do people prefer for linux?


Jonathan Leonard

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