First time.

Marco Alexandre akitae at
Thu Jul 19 21:17:41 BST 2007

Who am i...

I'm a designer from Portugal and I've been struggling to get in Linux for
some months now.
Well, the lack of everything is getting me installing windows then getting
tired of it again, installing Linux, then windows again... iv been trying
Ubuntu since v6.06.

Surprisingly this latest version of Ubuntu worked better, and for the months
that passed, iv being acquiring more understanding of the capabilities of
Linux and how to work with it.

I stumbled upon Ubuntu Studio some hours ago, witch made me yell at the
office "THATS IT", the distribution that i was looking for. And it is, well,
it might still don't do all the stuff that i want, but the principle is
there (since at this time i m still downloading).

Its the first time that i feel the will of being part of a community, and
that is what i want. I'm a image and video professional, for 10 years now,
for the audio i cant help much because simply i don't work with it. but i
have a several musicians and sound technicians friends that i already phoned
and passed the word of Ubuntu Studio, some of them i was already teaching
the ways of Ubuntu. But today, everything has changed. :)

I'm not quite sure how can i help on Ubuntu Studio, or even if you want or
need my help.
But i really would like to contribute in this.

I will leave a thought, if developers develop Linux and other programs, its
because they need the system and the applications to work better. But, if
they aren't designers, why should they commit to develop "decent" designer's

Best regards,
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