[Ubuntu-Studio] Unify look of KDE applications with U-S

Simon Pichette virtualsim at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 13:50:11 BST 2007

Hi all,

I just discovered Ubuntu-Studio and it has been great so far.
I think everyone here will agree the gnome theme is terrific.

Like me, you probably have some KDE apps you can't live without.
In my case these are kchmviewer, amarok and k3b. The gnome equivalents just
aren't on the same level yet.

Although they all work great in U-S, their default look is quite contrasting
with the gnome apps.

Here is my solution, based on a color scheme created by C.Emmanouilidis that
can be found here :

The only change needed was to alternateBackground (which was way too dark).

Here's the howto.
Save the attached Ubuntu-Studio.kcsrc file to your desktop or any place

You will need kcontrol for this, so if it is not installed :
$ sudo apt-get install kcontrol

Once installed, you must launch kcontrol from the terminal
$ kcontrol

In kcontrol :
1 - In the left pane, select "Appearance & Themes" then select "Colors".
2 - Click the "Import Scheme..." button.
3 - Browse to the folder where you saved the Ubuntu-Studio.kcsrc file,
select it and click "open".
4 - Click the "Apply" button.
5 - You can now quit kcontrol, you're KDE applications should now look very
much like the rest of the desktop.


The main difference remaining, is that Scrollbars are dark grey instead of
blue in KDE apps.
I do not know how to change that easily, and I don't really mind.

I think such a KDE color scheme should be made default in a future release
of Ubuntu-Studio to provide for a more unified look and feel. A lot of KDE
apps are more mature or simply better than their gnome counterparts and they
aren't going away anytime soon.

Hope this helps!

Take care all,

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