Update manager and updating in general

Cory K. coryisatm at nc.rr.com
Wed Jul 11 20:55:58 BST 2007

Jonathan Leonard wrote:
> 	So my ubuntu studio informed me this morning that openoffice has an  
> update available...
Download it if you need it.
> there are also new versions of ardour and  
> rosegarden though the update notification never mentions these.
That's because there aren't new versions in the repos.
> I  
> could care less about open office and all that other stuff.  What is  
> ok to install for studio and what isn't?  I don't want to break  
> anything in studio, but I am not sure what is safe to install.  And  
> what is the best method - should I stick with synaptic, or do apt-get  
> or compile manually?  I notice synaptic is not aware that I indeed  
> installed alsa firmware - it remains unchecked.  Should I wait until  
> ardour and rosegarden are brought to me via update manager, or should  
> I wait until OCTOBER for the next release according to the roadmap?
> 	Not sure what the recommended procedure for updating is, and whether  
> I should do this at all.
> 	Thanks,
> jonathan
Any update that comes from the Ubuntu repos is fine.

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