Recording is bumpy

Dennis Neumeier dennismail at
Fri Aug 3 06:14:47 BST 2007


> very strange behaviour
> i dont have experience with your soundcard but u can try to increase the
> buffer/periods and frames/periods in jack. or experiment with jack till u
> get a good results. 

I certainly will try this!

> I belive (from your mail) that the problem is somewhere 
> on the soundcard-jack "line".

This is actually true, because I started hydrogen on the same machine (the one 
with ubuntustudio) and I also have the bumpy playback there, so it has to do 
with jackd, I guess.

> is the same thing happening on both machines? 

No, but the other PC is running with kubuntu standard, so there is no 
low-latency kernel on this system. But one question arises in my mind: I've 
read about an issue that says there might be issues with access rights to a 
low-latency kernel if you're running jackd without root rights. Does this 
issue also exists with ubuntustudio?

> does the jack shows XRUNS? 

I will get to the ubuntustudio-PC tonight, so I can't give you any 


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